What am I flushing down my drain and breathing in? Let’s go green!

Writer: The Earth Warrior

Hallo all interested in getting super awesome, affordable and easily obtainable NATURAL house cleaning products, skin care, toothpaste and so much more! AKA Earth Warriors (thanks Maia Opthof)

I was very skeptical at first as I did not want someone knocking on my door or phoning me the whole time for products, but now that I have tried all of this I am happy to recommend it.

The ‘catches’ and the positive points

*You can only order these products on-line and they take 4 business days to be delivered to your house.

*It comes right to your doorstep and due to the products being so concentrated the delivery cost is about $11 and it is a smaller carbon footprint than us driving up and down to the store on a regular basis. Trust me – I checked the stats!

*You must be a member or as they would call it – a preferred customer- Just like Costco there is a yearly membership. It costs $20, but I have an opportunity until the 28February to offer any friends or family a yearly membership of $1. After that it is $20.

* They would prefer for you to order a monthly amount, BUT you are not obligated to do that, if you do not want anything for the month, it is as quick as just letting them know.

* Everything is 100% refundable and if you do not want to be a member anymore you just tell them, and they disappear.

*Do I have to sell it if I become a member? HELL NO!!! You can become a representative for them if that is your thing, but you can also just sign up as a PREFFERED MEMBER! Just tick the box that says, I want to be a preferred member – Easy! – I can help.

*Am I selling it? NO – but I am being compensated when someone joins through my referral.

All in all, read through their stats,(pages below) if you want to have a look behind the scenes on my membership page, I will be happy to grant you access – Just txt me and my number is still 902……

I am super stoked with my products, the convenience of ordering it and knowing that I am not flushing chemicals down my drains anymore.

SO if you want to give this a try – let me know, and I will hook you up with the $1 membership fee! Bye bye COSTCO!