Are you living in FEAR?

Are you living in Fear?

Could it be happening to you? Do you feel trapped and see no way to get to the life you dream of? What if I told you it was possible, would you want me to tell you how? If I tell you, would you believe me? And if so, would you give it a try?

See most of us want a change, but CHOOSE to do nothing to make it happen. Day after day you go about your usual routine, unsatisfied by your life and then make a million excuses as to why you aren’t happy and able to reach your dreams. Excuses like time, money, support, judgement of loved ones, ability, confidence, the list goes on and on…

Even though we don’t want to admit that these things are excuses, its true isn’t it? Of course it is! And you know why its true? Because you are capable of creating WHATEVER you want in your life! Anything! You CHOOSE to stay unhappy, living in the depths of your own despair because the alternative is too SCARY and hard to face. So here you are, holding onto all these talents, dreams, ambitions, desires and goals that you choose to do nothing with. Are you ready to change that?

I too, just like you, spent most of my life being scared, making excuses as to why I couldn’t achieve the things I dreamed of, and wished for myself. Although, at the time, I didn’t realize that it was FEAR that was stopping me. Anything that you use as an excuse, is just that. There is always a way to make things happen if your heart truly wants it. When we go against what our heart desires, we give off an energy or a vibration (intention) that goes out into the universe, that says “I don’t want this bad enough, so don’t give it to me”. When you put out energy or vibration (intention), that is aligned with your hearts desires, the universe sends that energy back and says, “Yes! you’re following your true path and listening to our heart…you deserve this” and everything begins to flow. 

What We Focus On, We Amplify… So if you choose to focus on all the reasons as to why you DON’T have the life you dream of, and not believing that it is even possible, then that is sure as hell what you WILL get in return. However, if you choose to focus your thoughts and intentions on all the reasons why you CAN achieve what you WANT and the reasons as to why you deserve it, (and truly BELIEVE it), then the universe will return this energy to you tenfold! Before you know it, things will begin to change. Your dreams and goals will start to align and you will begin to feel fulfilled in ways that you couldn’t even have imagined possible! You will meet people that are “your tribe”, those with similar ambitions and goals, and those who support yours and want to see you succeed. You will find ways and resources you would have never thought existed….if you BELIEVE IT!

So, I ask you this…Are you ready to challenge yourself, and change your life in ways you never thought possible? What is the first step you need to take to achieve what you want? ACTION! If you REALLY want this, I am offering below 3 steps to start your journey to your abundance. This is easier then think, just give it a try!

Start with these 3 steps:

  1. Begin your day with something that makes you feel good. Because I am a mother, and my house can get pretty chaotic first thing in the morning, I get up an hour before everyone else in the house so that I have time to sit and sip a coffee, meditate, and set my intention for the day. I also take time each morning during ‘my hour’ to reflect on everything I am grateful for. I write them down, and make sure to show gratitude for even the smallest things, like the delicious coffee I drink each morning while I watch the sunrise and listen to the birds chirping. IT doesn’t need to be an hour a day, it can be even 15 minutes a day! So today create a morning ritual that works for YOU. Do it consistently, and create a routine for yourself that starts each day in a positive way. Now, we all have days where the order of things gets disrupted. So don’t be hard on yourself or worry if you miss a day or two, just simply TRY to do it on a daily basis as much as you can. Did you know that roughly 1% a day is 15 minutes! How can you justify not spending even 1% of your day giving back to yourself? You can’t!
  2. Learn to control your thoughts. Every time you begin to doubt yourself, or make excuses and live in opposition to your dreams and goals, STOP YOURSELF! Take a breathe, shake it off, and re-work your thoughts to say, “Yes, I got this!”, and keep reminding yourself throughout the day of what your intentions and goals are. But again, you’re human…you’re going to have a ‘negative’ thought once in awhile, be easy on yourself. Just simply try to stay aware of your thoughts as much as possible, and turn each negative thought into a positive one, no matter how hard it is. To everything there is a black and a white, a good and a bad. You can find the positive in anything if you simply TRY.
  3. Take Action. Not only do you have to BELIEVE it, you also have to take ACTION. You have to take steps in the direction you intend, otherwise the universe doesn’t take you seriously. Even doing these 3 steps is a step! What you put out, comes back, all you have to do is believe in it as you take action towards creating it. You don’t need to get down to all the fine details of your goal or intention, you simply have to hold the dream in your heart, believe it and take steps towards making it happen. That could be making a call, researching your goal, starting the creative project, etc. So how will you begin to make it happen? Small steps lead to big things!

So, now that you have something to start with, are you going to do it? How will you keep yourself on track? One of the best ways to do this is with Mala Beads. I use Mala beads during my morning meditation where I recite my mantra (my intention) 108 times. Remember — what you focus on, you amplify. I also wear my Mala beads or carry them with me in my purse or pocket. I hold them when I am driving, in meetings, or simply sitting and relaxing, as they keep me focused on my intention and goals, and I also find them comforting. I have participants from my workshops that keep with theirs under their pillow, as they recite their intentions before bed each night, and also find their beads very peaceful and comforting.

If you would like to learn how to use Mala beads, and create your own mala, or have me create one for you, I would love to hear from you. You don’t have to use Mala beads to create an intention and manifest your dreams, but it is a great tool to stay on track and keep you focused. I highly recommend this ancient sacred tool. 

Good luck to you! I know you can do this, because I know you WANT to! It is time to create a life that you are excited for each and every day! If you have any questions or would like to talk more on intention setting, please feel free to reach out and connect with me by emailing:


With Love & Gratitude,



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