Welcome to Magikmala

What is Magik?

Magik is the Art of causing change in accordance with your Will.

In other words, Magik is the Art of making things happen, as you would wish them to.

Magik is simply the manipulation of Energy!


Magikmala workshops and jewelry are created with a pure heart and intention to bless each and every person that is fortunate enough to experience the co-creation of intention infused into their own Magikmala piece. All Magikmala products are created in an environment of love, pure potential and positivity.

Our mission is to create beauty that will transcend the everyday world we live in to bring the bearer and all who see it to a higher level of consciousness.

We offer Mala Necklace and Bracelet Making Workshops, as well as, Introduction to Magik. To Book a Workshop, Please Contact Us today!

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