About the Pieces

MagikMala pieces are wearable spiritual energy.

They are sacred pieces that represent feelings, dreams and ambitions in life that can be integrated into the story of every person that wear our jewellery.

There is en energy exchange between the wearer and the sacred piece of jewellery as the energy of the gemstones and crystals give each piece a new meaning and life.

Each MagikMala piece is unique and will never be recreated or reproduced. A one-of-a-kind piece for a one-of-a-kind person.

About the Founder

Mariette is the creator and facilitator of Magikmala co-creation workshops and jewelry.

The brain child of this organisation did not come about by pure chance but has been a long and exciting road of student and Spiritual teacher education since 2005.

Mariette has been fortunate to attract various spiritual teachers to educate her in the ancient way of the ‘old/unseen’ world for more than a decade. Her travels and teachings have taken her to countries such as Ireland, UAE, England, South Africa, Canada and many more.

Her sincere wish for every person that she comes into contact with is to teach them the flow of the universe and how to move from being stuck to being fluid.

This is your chance to create that one timely piece, infused with your intention, a touch of the ancient guided to a new step towards YOUR greatness – Mariette

Facilitator & Design Partner

Shanon is dedicated to awakening the world by offering her knowledge and care in balancing the mind/body/spirit connection. She is focused on assisting others in identifying blockages and ailments and empowering individuals to help guide them to a healthy, abundant and joyful life.

Shanon is an intuitive healer who combines her formal Psychology and Religious studies education with her training and application in alternative therapies to provide a holistic view of healing the mind, body, and spirit. Shanon’s true passion lies in spirituality, healing and self-empowerment. Shanon’s ‘gifts’ came at a very young age, and has always had a strong intuitive connection. Her abilities became increasingly fine tuned over years of studying with religious and spiritual teachers and professionals. For over ten years now, Shanon has been blessed to offer her love and services to every individual who seeks her respite and care. Shanon is a recognized healer and energy intuitive who draws on her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and mediumship abilities to gain insight in her client’s requirements.